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Dropbox Business - Advanced - 3 Licenses, 1 Year Subscription
Dropbox Business - Advanced - 3 Licenses, 1 Year Subscription
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Dropbox Business - Advanced - 3 Licenses, 1 Year Subscription

Dropbox Business - Advanced - 3 Licenses, 1 Year Subscription

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**Contact us directly for more advanced licencing requirements**


Product: Dropbox Business Advanced, 3 Users, 1 Year License
Storage: As much space as your team needs
Sophisticated control and security features



Finally now all your tools, content, and collaborators are accessible from the same place. Dropbox Business is more than secure storage—it's a smart, seamless way to optimize your existing workflow.

Over 450,000 business customers globally trust Dropbox Business as a secure, agile work environment. Companies are using Dropbox every day to meet the demands of the digital age, where speed, efficiency and data security are key.

Get your business on Dropbox, and bring together content, tools, and team members.




  • 180 days of file recovery
  • Single admin login to manage multiple teams
  • Admin console and audit log
  • 256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
  • Granular sharing permissions
  • User and company-managed groups
  • Remote device wipe
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Send files up to 2 GB with Dropbox Transfer
  • Branded sharing
  • 180-day account recovery with Dropbox Rewind
  • Computer backup
  • File locking
  • Smart Sync
  • Document watermarking
  • Dropbox Paper admin tools
  • Office 365 integration
  • Unlimited API access to security and productivity platform partners
  • 1 million API calls/month for data transport partners
  • Priority chat, email and business hours phone support
  • Advanced admin controls
  • Tiered admin roles
  • Send files up to 100 GB with Dropbox Transfer, including additional customization options
  • Traffic and insights
  • Advanced user management tools
  • Single sign on (SSO) integration
  • Invite enforcement
  • Domain verification
  • Device approvals
  • File event tracking




What is a Dropbox Business user?

A user is any person or role on your team with a unique email address. Each team member should have his or her own user license. Users can link their Dropbox accounts to as many of their devices as they’d like (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) at no additional charge.


Can I have fewer than 3 users on my account?

Yes. The Dropbox Business base package includes 3 users, but you don’t need to use all the licenses right away. Since licenses can be reused, many of our customers reserve extra licenses for contractors or clients.


Can I upgrade my existing Dropbox Basic or Plus account? How does migration work?

Yes. Moving to a Business account is easy! All your content will stay the same — your files will stay where they are, and all your settings (like shared folder relationships and linked devices) will remain the same. For admins, all your team members who already use Dropbox will have that same experience, and anyone without an existing Dropbox account will be prompted to sign up when you send them an invite.


Can I share files or folders with Basic/Plus users if I’m on a Business account?

Absolutely! As long as your team admin permits external sharing, you can share with any Dropbox user, even if they’re not a member of your Dropbox Business team. However, shared folder members who are not on your Business team will be limited by their own storage quotas. So while your team members will have more space to add and edit files in a shared folder, Dropbox Basic or Plus users will be restricted by their personal quota.



How much space does my team get?

Dropbox Business provides three plans to fit your team’s needs. The Standard plan gives your team 5 TB of shared storage. For teams needing more space, the Advanced and Enterprise plans provide as much space as you need.



What is the difference between Dropbox Business Standard and Dropbox Business Advanced?

Standard provides teams with 5 TB of storage and simple sharing and collaboration tools. For teams needing more storage and security, Advanced provides as much space as your team needs in addition to sophisticated admin, audit, integration, and security features. Learn more about our plans here.



What is Dropbox Enterprise?

Dropbox Enterprise is a productivity platform equipped with all the core capabilities of Dropbox Business, plus advanced security and control, enhanced customer support and customization to meet your large organization’s needs.



Do you have any discounts for non-profits or educational institutions?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.



Do you have any volume discounts?

Yes! Please contact us for more information.